Release meeting 2019-07-08



  • 1.20
    • 1.20.3 is delayed because Debian builds had issue. This has been resolved but the build needs to be kicked off again. Targetted at release tomorrow
  • 1.23
    • Branching process started and aimed at the week of July 22nd but may be delayed because of vendor.js issue. We can get started with documentation, translations and other related tasks already
    • The installer should be prepared as well, ideally before stablization. This means looking at deprecations and doing module releases. Currently a lot of this work is done by one person so we’ll plan to share this while doing it. It’s going to take the form of screen sharing and explaining what’s done (and why). There is currently a lot of manual work of reviewing the merged changes whether they’re bugs, features or breaking changes. Once it’s been determined if the release is a patch, minor or major version, releasing is manual. This could be automated but hasn’t happened.


  • 3.11.2 was released. Likely the last 3.11 release.
  • 3.12.1 is blocked by VCR tests that need to be updated. Aimed to be released this week.
  • 3.13 is branching soon - follows Foreman so may be delayed as well


  • The notes are a bit longer than usual we because we took more time to explain to new people present at the meeting in order to reduce the bus factor
  • @upadhyeammit is looking at supporting @tbrisker as Release Manager
  • @evgeni looking to automate more around releases. Basically a tool_belt 2.0 that aims to handle branching, cherry picking and other manual work that’s error prone. It should also unify workflows between Foreman and Katello