Release meeting 2020-01-15

Slightly different format. In a previous meeting we’ve discussed about creating an agenda beforehand which can then be turned into notes. I’ll make this a wiki so others can schedule topics as well. I’ve added my name to the item. In case I can’t make it, others know it can be skipped.

Discussion of the main issues risking branching and remaining infrastructure changes desired.:

  • upgrade all plugins to use foreman-js 4 - still need to release and rebuild tasks, rex, and templates. Plugins haven’t been tested against nightlies in a while due to incompatibilities with Foreman.
  • unstable nightlies in foreman and katello recently.
  • Moving Proxy to SCL - Should be mostly done today. packaging and installer changes ready, will prevent FDI from building, still work in progress to fix it.
  • Switching default Foreman web server to Puma - several issues were found, will be pushed to 2.1.
  • Changing Foreman to use PostgreSQL 10 from SCL - changes in review, already in katello, makes foreman-maintain a dependency for installer, will likely need a few days to finalize.
  • Rails 6 upgrade - needs more work, will be pushed to 2.1
  • Changing default Dynflow implementation to sidekiq+redis based - close to merginf, needs a few more days for testing.
  • Pulp 3 support for File and Docker content in Katello - very tight, may take a week or two to get working and tested as default.
  • move db:seed to app initialization - core is ready, packaging has PR open, still open issue for installer as needed for creating initial admin. not blocker for 2.0 but nice to have. will need to rebuild packaging of plugins to take full advantage of it. will push into core and iterate on packaging and installer in the future.
  • open id connect integration - lots of small prs still open, not blocker for the release.
  • ipv6 - some small changes that can be merged today for the installer to improve support.

Given the amount of changes and current instability, we decided to postpone branching a bit. Due to many people involved with the release traveling for conferences, we are not sure that we can branch on the week of Feb 3, meaning we have to delay by two weeks.
New stabilization week will start on Feb 3rd and we will branch on Feb 10th, aiming to get RC1 out the same week.

To make sure we get things in on time, we’ll return to twice weekly meetings until after branching.


  • Will discuss 1.24.2 on Monday.