Release Meeting Notes 1/21/2019

  • Foreman
    • Re-review 1.19.2 issues and move them off potentially
    • 1.20.2
      • Not large, will wait till 1.21 work to cool off
    • 1.21
  • Katello
    • Need to cleanup older 3.X releases
    • 3.11
      • Waiting on Foreman packages, will start build and testing Katello packages
      • Docs branching fixes
      • Will need –
      • Target RC1 to get build infra tested, with no release till RC2

Sounds good to me. From the Katello side I’m working on wrapping up the release notes and getting a hammer-cli-katello release into packaging.

I just realized I forgot to update the GPG keys in foreman-release so that’ll be another known issue in RC1.