Release Meeting Notes 1/9

  • Foreman
    • 1.21
      • Nightly Foreman RPM has not been building for 3 weeks, working on fixes
      • Focus on getting nightlies green prior to merge
      • Puppet module releases this week
      • Manual changes
      • Stabilize, stabilize, stabilize
  • Katello
    • 3.11
      • Procedures added to tool_belt for Katello branch and release

1.20 Retrospective To Dos

Target Pre-Branch

  • Document how to handle Rails repository release in Foreman procedures (ehelms)
  • Include foreman-release in release process docs (ewoud + ehelms)
  • Capture Katello process into a process template and update docs on release (ehelms)
  • Add process around client repository releases (ehelms)
  • Build freeze week template process or pre-release activities (tbrisker)
    • Release puppet modules at start of freeze week
  • Redmine blocker issue with all desired issues

Target While Branching

  • Debian freight process setup needs automation and documentation update (ewoud)
  • Add vagrant up of production into release pipeline after push for Katello (ehelms)

Target Post-Branch

  • Fix webpack, fix webpack, fix webpack
  • Upgrade testing with data: run bats tests with no cleanup, seed database


opened to update the branching procedure with tasks that can or should be done prior to branching