Release meeting notes 2019-04-10


  • 1.21.2 is out
  • 1.22
    • stablization week
    • installer work ongoing
    • foreman-tasks will require webpack work


  • 3.10.1 needs some hammer work
  • 3.11.1 no progress, likely to be picked up soon
  • Installer work needed for the CVE that’s now public, will need a Foreman release for the installer

foreman-templates also look to introduce webpack with 1.22 timeframe, is that a concern release wise?

Since plugins are not part of the release itself, it doesn’t have to be. We try not to break plugins in a release (or remove it), but in the end plugin authors are responsible for their plugins.

Given the experimental state of webpack support in plugins, I’d still advise against it.