Release meeting notes 2019-10-23


  • 1.24
    • branching blocked by:
      • node scl rebuilds still not done- last pr still pending. 2 additional prs to update katello and plugins also open. @ehelms and @evgeni will make sure pr is merged and package release pipeline works.
      • dynflow changes - will pull in packaging and core changes, it will be experimental in 1.24 to allow more soak time before switching default and installer and full support will be only in 1.25. @ezr-ondrej will make sure changes are merged asap with @evgeni and @ehelms supporting.
      • installer modules - @ekohl will start working on it to try getting in this week. will raise flag if not ready.
    • @upadhyeammit will handle manual changes for branching.
    • we will try to branch on Monday as planned so we can get RC1 out by the end of next week. @pcreech or @evgeni will support branching from packaging side.


  • 3.13.1 build finished, release pending.