Release meeting notes 2019-12-16 - Retro for 1.24/3.14 cycle

Today instead of the regular meeting we had a retro for 1.24/3.14 releases. Below are some points that came up during the meeting along with a few that I only remembered later while cleaning up the notes I took. Everyone is welcome to reply and add any further comments they have or things I missed.

  • The hand-off of release packaging from @ekohl to delivery team went well.
  • We had 8 days delay from the planned schedule for GA - fairly reasonable delay.
  • a few people from the delivery team were missing some permissions to do release packaging - need to add the list of missing permissions to toolbelt preparation step to make sure everyone has the permissions they need. Thanks @evgeni for jumping in and helping everyone to resolve or work around these issues.
  • RC1 was DOA, quick turnaround with RC2 led to just 2 days delay. Main cause was due to template sync that uncovered bugs with RC1.
  • RC3 was delayed by 8 days, mostly to get some deprecations in prior to GA and also due to the RC1 delay.
  • release meetings are useful for quick syncing around releases.
  • We should also be discussing the nightly “release” during these meetings, to take care of prolonged breakages or plan ahead for major changes that have potential to break stuff. We should sometimes have more people involved in these discussions - depending on the issues being discussed. It should also be a place for all developers who want to coordinate larger changes across the ecosystem.
  • change frequency to once a week, on Wednesday, and if needed around releases add additional meetings.
  • have the agenda prepared in advance, so we know if there is a need to meet or not.

Thanks for the writeup! Is releasing boringly easy already? :slight_smile:

8 days delay is not bad, but I’m thinking, should we have a deadline for deprecation nominations if it can cause delayes? E.g. things need to be deprecated/removed before stabilization weeks starts?

Normally we do deprecations much earlier in the cycle, this time because we made the decision on turning 1.24 into 2.0 during the cycle we wanted to push in some deprecations (sqlite, smart variables) into the RC in the last minute so we don’t miss the chance to drop them in 2.0.