Release meeting notes 2019-8-29


  • 1.22.1
    • will not cherry-pick any further changes in puppet modules
    • @ekohl and @upadhyeammit will go over modules releases, make sure all issues marked as fixed in 1.22.1 are included
  • 1.23.0-RC2 is out
  • 1.24 planning
    • would like to get puma support ready - would make el8 support also easier
    • upgrade to node 10
    • upgrade to latest rails 5.2
    • httpboot feature?


  • no update

does this imply removing passenger or just for the smart proxy?
do you plan on running puma in cluster mode?

The initial implementation makes it optional in the foreman deployment. Smart-proxy is out of scope for what we talked about. By making it optional, it gives us time to stabilize it and figure out tuning advise. In due time I’d like to deprecate and remove it. Haven’t decided on what should be the default. Will depend on how late in the release cycle we merge it because that determines the amount of testing.

We need to look into tuning and stability but if that provides a better experience I don’t see why not.