Release meeting notes 2020-01-08


  • 1.24.1
    • will tag today, aim for release before EOW
  • 2.0
    • week and half to stabilization
    • need changes in proxy module for scl’ing
    • postgresql upgrade in progress
    • dynflow change in progress
    • rails 6 upgrade is close but still requires some work
    • lots of infra changes, might risk delay - will open discussion regarding possible resolutions


  • Lots of packaging PRs open for a while.
    • Delivery team is aware of the issue and will try to prioritize it more.
    • There is also an effort to improve automation around packaging ongoing, which should make it easier in the long run to merge to stable branches as well.
  • Foreman-js version 4 was merged to core this week, plugins using webpack need to update to use it. PRs have been opened for all known plugins. Plugins that have been built already with version 3 should continue to function, but building new releases will require bumping the version.


  • 3.14.1
    • looking into cherry picks, aiming for next week to start work on the release
  • 3.15
    • starting to look into preparations for branching, will check nightlies to make sure they’re stable.