Release meeting notes 2020-04-08


  • 2.0 GA
  • 1.24 no news
  • 1.23 EOL now since we always keep 2 supported versions


  • 3.15 still blocked on migration issues. Uncertain if another RC will be released or straight to GA. (@Jonathon_Turel?)

After speaking to @Justin_Sherrill earlier this week, we may punt the migration issues to another release. We continue to discover additional issues that are unlikely to be resolved in a timely manner. I’ll follow up today and see if we can get a decision.

If the Katello team thinks waiting until the pulp 3 issue is fixed before releasing 3.15 GA is the best way to go, then no problem. If they think its not a huge deal and decide to release 3.15 GA now and fix it later, also no problem.

But it would be nice to state the actual decision one way or the other publicly this week.

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