Release meeting notes 2021-04-07

Foreman 2.5:

There are a few open issues for Foreman 2.5, and efforts to resolve the issues mentioned below should be accelerated to ensure that the release is delivered on time,



  • The most recent and last minor upgrade 3.17.3 was released recently. Thank you so much @Chris_Roberts for spearheading the 3.17 release!

Not sure who is responsible for Katello 3.18, so posting here in the hope you can add it to the next meeting.

In Error during foreman-installer execution we found that a backport of Fixes #31416 - Make sure remote execution plugin is already loaded before katello by ShimShtein · Pull Request #9025 · Katello/katello · GitHub would be needed if another minor version is planned!

Hello Dirk,

Thank you for heads up! The recent minor upgrade 3.18.2 was led by @Jonathon_Turel , @Jonathon_Turel can you confirm if this is required? and if yes then request to plan it for next minor, thank you!

That looks worth bringing back to 3.18 - so I triaged it to 3.18.3 (no ETA on this one, still working on a number of fixes for it).

Thanks for raising this up @Dirk !