Release meeting notes 2021-04-14

Created a tracker for ‘Release meetings’. This can be used to add agenda for next meeting. This can be treated as placeholder and one place to get glimpse of what is happening around releases.

Foreman 2.5:

  • The work in progress features for 2.5 are getting reviews and changes from respective contributors and are on track.
  • The Ubuntu 20 is not in current support matrix and planned to be included with 2.5.

Katello 4.0:

  • Cherry picks have been completed and the release is moving as expected. The @evgeni reported issue 32275 as SmartProxy 3.18 cant be used out of the box with Katello 4.0 as it tries ping pulp2. The issue can be workaround by disabling setting check_services_before_actions

  • @evgeni: The foreman-maintain is assuming SCL’ed PostgreSQL paths and EL8 does not use SCL’ed PostgreSQL which breaks backups on EL8. The issue 30323 is pending since long and should be taken care of. @upadhyeammit agreed to check this one.