Release meeting notes 2021-06-30

pulpcore 3.14:


  • The new version 2.5.2 should be planned to include installer changes for pulpcore 3.14.
  • Targeting the release within two weeks(2nd week of July or earlier if possible)


  • The pull requests of Foreman repository runs tests on Katello nightly. The Katello pipelines have been broken since long, requested @jjeffers to check this.


  • There are couple of open issues, however planning to get 4.0.2 released with available fixes soon.

But Katello 4.1 is released! Does that mean pulpcore will be updated from 3.11 to 3.14 in a bugfix release?!

Apologies, I should have mentioned the complete version. It should be 4.1.1.

Just as a note for 2.5.2: There is a small but hard hitting regression bug on DHCP / TFTP handling in 2.5.1, which should be fixed within this minor release.

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Yes, we are indeed discussing a rebase of Pulp in a stable release. This is something that we don’t take lightly. It came from the Pulp team. They recommended it. While each Pulp developer had their own reason for recommending it, it all came down to it being very hard to fix the bugs in 3.11. Pulp 3.14 features a new tasking system which is a major change, but it promises to resolve a lot of the problems that we’ve seen in our community.

Currently the goal is to get this into nightly ASAP. Today 3.14 and all plugins should be released which means the packaging can happen. There are also patches being prepared for the installer and we’re discussing potential problems during upgrades.

Thanks for the explanation. I can see this making sense as a one time occurrence due to exceptional circumstances, just not as a general rule. :wink: