Release notes and headline features for 1.24

Since we are in the middle of the process of branching I am creating this thread and marking it as a wiki for easily accessible release notes. Feel free to edit.

Headline features

  • xxx

Release notes

  • xxx


  • xxx

Upgrade warnings

  • Administer - Settings - Provisioning - DNS conflict timeout has been changed from integer to array of values (separated by comma). It used to represent timeout (in seconds) for DNS lookup attempts (dns_lookup macro and DNS record conflict validations). Multiple values in the array now represent multiple attempts to resolve name over DNS with the default value of [5, 10, 15, 20].

We’re past branching and in the release phase. That means nightly docs will reflect 1.24.

I was not sure.

@tbrisker shall we update our procedures to explicitly add a post to the branching process (Foreman 1.23 branching process) once it’s complete? Not everyone will read the checklists.

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I did post that it is complete, but in response to the heads-up regarding start of stabilization week. Perhaps it should be its own post?

I have totally missed that, sorry.