Release team meeting 2022-11-23

Foreman 3.5

RC2 being prepared: Foreman 3.5.0-rc2 release process

Current things that should make it into the release:

Foreman 3.4

3.4.1 being prepared: Foreman 3.4.1 release process

Foreman 3.3

No updates

Katello 4.7

RC2 is being prepared: Katello 4.7.0 rc2 release process

Bug #35782: Create Gregorian translations in Katello - Katello - Foreman should be resolved before it can be tagged.

Katello 4.6

2 open issues before 4.6.1 can be released:

These are postponed to a later release.


Just out of curiosity: Gregorian should be Georgian, right? Perhaps something to correct for the Changelog.

You’re right. I think this was my bad when I mentioned it.