Release team meeting 2022-12-07

Foreman 3.5

Foreman 3.4

No updates

Foreman 3.3

No updates

Katello 4.7

Katello 4.7.0 is aimed to be released on the same day as Foreman 3.5.0 (Tuesday December 13th). See Katello 4.7.0 GA release process for more details.

Katello 4.6

Katello 4.6.1 was being prepared (Katello 4.6.1 release process) and the 4.6.1 gem was built, but before packaging could done done an issue was reported (Bug #35829: Mirror complete sync policy no longer allowed with ignored content types in the repo. - Katello - Foreman) that should be fixed. Because of this version 4.6.1 will be skipped and we’ll move on to 4.6.2.

Katello 4.5

No updates