Release team meeting 2023-01-18

Present: @ekohl (chair/notes) @iballou @Chris_Roberts @sajha

Foreman 3.6

Foreman 3.5

  • Looks stable, haven’t seen (critical) bug reports.
  • Many plugins still haven’t pulled the translations into an actual release. It would be nice to get more in and @ekohl will try to start chasing plugin maintainers.

Foreman 3.4

No updates

Katello 4.8

  • Close to find a release owner. Should be finalized soon.

Katello 4.7

Katello 4.7.1 is being worked on. Most cherry picks are in and the release process will be posted soon.

Katello 4.6

4.6.2 is now with the delivery team. See Katello 4.6.2 release process for details.