Release team meeting 2023-03-08

Last week @ekohl was on PTO and forgot to notify others.

Present: @ekohl (chair, notes), @lfu, @Zhunting, @Odilhao

Foreman 3.7

Foreman 3.6

  • RC2 needs to be released for Katello to proceed. @ekohl will post the procedure

Foreman 3.5

Katello 4.9

No news

Katello 4.8

Katello 4.7

No updates

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@lfu you asked me about the docs and it took me a while to get back to it. I’ll start with what needs to be done, then we can figure out in which process it belongs.

We want to fill in guides/doc-Release_Notes/topics/katello.adoc in foreman-documentation. For nightly that’s foreman-documentation/katello.adoc at master · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub. Ideally we actually do this while developing Katello in nightly. Then on branching you only need to clean it in nightly post-branching.

The branching actually happens in the Foreman process, so I think we should keep that in Foreman’s branching process, rather than split it up. So my recommendation is to drop it from Katello’s branching process. For Katello I’d recommend checking katello.adoc as part of every release, thus moving it to the release procedure.

I’ve opened Correct Katello's procedures around docs by ekohl · Pull Request #511 · theforeman/tool_belt · GitHub to formalize that.