Release team meeting 2023-05-24

Present: @ekohl (chair/notes), @Griffin-Sullivan, @lfu, @Zhunting, @pcreech, @wbclark, @cintrix84

Foreman 3.7

  • Branching mostly done: Foreman 3.7 branching process
    • Documentation still needs to be done
    • Foreman 3.8 schedule still needs to be posted
  • 3.7.0-rc1 release in progress: Foreman 3.7.0-rc1 release process
    • The Puppet forge started to give timeouts on API v1. @ekohl just released librarian-puppet 5.0.0 which now defaults to API v3. With that RC1 should be able to continue

Foreman 3.6

  • Fixes for Foreman 3.6.2 are starting to build up, good to do a release. @Griffin-Sullivan can take this on, possibly after @ekohl is back from PTO, depending on how well others can guide him through the process.

Foreman 3.5

  • No updates

Katello 4.9

  • Branching in progress: Katello 4.9 branching process
  • Lots of details discussed about how to approach things
    • A general guideline: procedures in tool_belt are never perfect. If anyone following them thinks they’re unclear, open an issue or a PR to improve it. They’re living documents and the next person following them (might be you) will be thankful.

Katello 4.8

Katello 4.7

  • No updates


  • @ekohl will be on vacation after this week. During this @Zhunting will take over leading the meetings.
  • @Griffin-Sullivan is interested in taking a more active role in releases. @ekohl will start to do more knowledge transfer after his vacation
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