Release team meeting 2023-10-25

Present: @ekohl, @iballou

Foreman 3.9

Schedule | 3.9.0 TODO | CI overview

We’re nearing the end of the development cycle, which means it’s almost time to post the branching procedure (see branching).

Foreman 3.8

Schedule | 3.8.0 TODO | CI overview

Foreman 3.7

3.7.1 TODO | 3.7.1 DONE | CI overview

  • Now that 3.8 is GA, there’s some time available for Foreman 3.7.1. @ekohl will check with @Griffin-Sullivan about a plan.

Foreman 3.6

  • Now officially end of life

Katello 4.11

Like Foreman, it’s nearing the end of the development cycle and @iballou will post the branching procedure soon.

Katello 4.10

Katello 4.9

  • No updates


A big performance regression with content syncs to content proxies was reported in the community:

Upstream there’s no issue (that I know of), but Red Hat is tracking it as 2245930 – Capsule slowdown from 10 minutes to 2 hours and is being investigated. It appears to be a difference in PostgreSQL 12 (as used by Foreman) and PostgreSQL 13 (as used by Pulp). Patches that rewrite the DB query to work well on both are being tested.

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