Release Team Meeting 2024-01-03

The agenda for today’s meeting.

Foreman 3.9.0 GA

Schedule | 3.9.0 TODO | CI overview

Katello 4.11.0 GA

Present: @pcreech (chair), @ekohl (notes), @iballou, @Zhunting, @Griffin-Sullivan

Foreman 3.9

The 3.9.0 release was declared broken just before everyone went away for the holidays. On Debian it included foreman-js 12.2.2 which included a bug that broke JS for all plugins. We also missed some cherry picks in Foreman so it was decided to release 3.9.1.

Then test_3_9_stable » 2.7,fast #12 Console [Jenkins] failed on a bundler issue. For Ruby 2.7 tests use dedicated bundler version by ehelms · Pull Request #391 · theforeman/jenkins-jobs · GitHub was intended to fix that, but it didn’t touch the non-pipeline jobs.

@pcreech will submit a PR to update as well.

Once that’s green, 3.9.1 release can proceed with tagging.


Was released, but never announced. @ekohl and @Griffin-Sullivan need to finish this:

Katello 4.11

All set, waiting for Foreman 3.9 to be GA.

Katello 4.10

@iballou will reach out to @cintrix84 about starting the release process for 4.10.1

PR submitted: Use bundler 2.4.22 in ruby 2.7 environments by pcreech · Pull Request #394 · theforeman/jenkins-jobs · GitHub

Job is green, looks like we can move forward: test_3_9_stable #13 [Jenkins]

Is it on purpose, that Katello 4.11 does not have a candlepin repo at Index of /katello/4.11?

Yes. There are now versions at Index of /candlepin and we map them, just like we do with Pulp. I think is the best place to read that mapping, but the repos RPM contains the same.

This should probably be a release note.

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It also took me a few mins to figure out the repos had changed locations when setting up testing with the 4.11 RC, prob worth a release note.