Release Team Meeting 2024-01-17

Foreman 3.10

Foreman 3.9

Foreman 3.8

  • No news

Foreman 3.7

Katello 4.11

Katello 4.10

  • 4.10.1 - Delivery has capacity, @pcreech interested


  • Notes from integration meeting?

Present: @pcreech (chair), @ekohl (notes), @iballou, @Odilhao, @Griffin-Sullivan, @Zhunting

All Foreman/Katello items were pretty much read from the agenda, so I won’t repeat those. Biggest thing to mention is that the schedule calls for branching on February 20th.


This was the largest topic we discussed. The Pulp team’s preference is to take the latest released version about a month prior to branching and consume that. For Katello 4.12 in particular we won’t do that yet. Instead, @Odilhao is going to wrap up some more clean ups in pulpcore-packaging’s rpm/develop banch. We’re already very close to being a month out and there’s no immediate need to bump.

Moving away from Pulp’s discontinued Ansible installer is another concern. @ehelms has recently set up pipelines for candlepin-packaging using puppet-candlepin to verify. We probably want to copy this model over and use puppet-pulpcore.

During the Katello 4.13 development cycle (so end of February/beginning of March) we’ll switch over Katello’s nightly pipeline to consume pulpcore nightly packaging and follow the new way.

Not discussed, but there’s a similar discussion about consuming candlepin-packaging’s nightly repository in the same way as pulpcore-packaging. Essentially mirroring how we handle both.


I forgot there was already a stab at this:

And work on this has already started: