Release Team Meeting - 2024-03-13

Foreman 3.10

Schedule | Branching Process | RC2 Release Process | Github Board

  • RC2 is live, GA next week

Foreman 3.9

3.9.2 TODO | 3.9.2 DONE | CI Overview

  • 3.9.2 waiting on 3.10.0

Foreman 3.8

3.8.1 TODO | 3.8.1 DONE | CI Overview

  • No known issues at this time

Katello 4.12

4.12 RC3 Process

  • RC3 in progress, waiting on packaging

Katello 4.11

Katello 4.10

  • 4.10.1 work delayed due to infra issues stealing focus


Notes from yesterday’s meeting. I’ve left out sections which match the agenda.

Foreman 4.12

Katello 4.12 RC3 was published and announced (Katello 4.12.0 RC3 is ready for testing) already, but the process wasn’t updated.


The request for 3.48 builds actually meant 3.48+. We’ll take whatever version is in pulpcore-packaging nightly when we branch. For that, we plan to switch nightly CI pipelines to Pulpcore nightly once Katello 4.12 is GA (planned for next week). We discussed several issues that we can foresee.

The biggest is an upcoming change in Pulp. Both file and certguard will be merged into core. That likely requires packaging and installer changes. Currently the old Ansible based installer is still used, but that will likely break. Switch Pulpcore testing to using puppet-pulpcore test suite by ehelms · Pull Request #1729 · theforeman/forklift · GitHub will likely be needed.

Another is keeping the bindings in Katello in sync. That likely requires some automation to make it easier. It’s mostly about re-recording the VCR responses.

On a related note, we also discussed that the Pulpcore 3.22 pipelines can probably be dropped by now.

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