Release Team Meeting 2024-03-20

Foreman 3.10

Schedule | Branching Process | RC2 Release Process| Github Board

Foreman 3.9

3.9.2 TODO | 3.9.2 DONE | CI Overview

  • 3.9.2 waiting on 3.10.0

Foreman 3.8

3.8.1 TODO | 3.8.1 DONE | CI Overview

Will be EOL once 3.10.0 is GA.

Katello 4.12

4.12.0 Process

Katello 4.11

Katello 4.10

  • 4.10.1 work delayed due to infra issues stealing focus. Will be EOL once 4.12.0 is released, so cancel it?


Present: @ekohl (chair/notes), @qcjames53, @Griffin-Sullivan, @Odilhao, @iballou


Before the meeting officially started and people were connecting we talked about process. Many of our procedures are very to the point and don’t explain the reasoning. This is to make it easy to repeat, but can be hard for new people. @ekohl has opened a PR with the idea to add documentation of that reasoning within the scripts. More ideas on how to improve the documentation situation are very welcome.


See agenda.

Katello 4.13

We’ll switch the Pulp version to nightly, as discussed last week. This will likely end up being 3

Katello 4.12

  • Gems have been released and the packaging PR was opened just before the meeting. Release notes PR is also almost done.

Katello 4.11

After the 4.11.1 release the 4.11.2 Redmine version is open. Once enough changes accumulate, a release wil
l be made.

Katello 4.10

It’s agreed that since Katello 4.10 will be EOL once 4.12 is released (which is aimed at today), we’ll cancel 4.10.1. Users hoping for bug fixes are encouraged to upgrade to 4.11.1. Once 4.10 is EOL, no release uses Pulpcore 3.28 anymore and will also be considered EOL.