Release team meeting agenda 2021-10-20

Meeting minutes


  • 3.1:
    We start stabilization on 25th October, however due to below pending stuff we may extend the stabilization week,

    • The installer module releases may not happen by week, @ekohl will share the status by tomorrow on same.
    • There are at least two issues pending to merge with respect to new hosts details page. @amirfefer request to focus on merging these earliest.
    • The pulp 3.16 is required by Katello which may need changes in installer. @Justin_Sherrill agreed to check this and share the details.
    • As per discussion with @ekohl @aruzicka wish to get changes of infrastructure roles, however the tracker #32324 shows we are yet to merge the changes. Considering we are close to stabilization this may not make into 3.1.
  • 3.0.1:

    • Release planned next week on 26th October.


  • 4.2:

    • Released last week.
  • 4.3:


3.1 (TODO )

  • Status of installer module releases

3.0.1 (TODO )