Release team meeting agenda 2021-11-10

Foreman 3.1 (TODO)

  • Status of pending issues targeted for 3.1.0
  • Status of nightly builds

Katello 4.3.0

Katello 4.2.1

Other business

I missed to update meeting minutes yesterday,

Foreman 3.1

  • Ready to branch and go for RC1 release on time.
  • After pulling translation need to check the integrity so we dont merge invalid translations in future. The branching, RC and GA release process should be updated with the step to check it.

Katello 4.3.0:

  • Ready to branch, @upadhyeammit has pulled new French translations for Katello and bastion_katello, so translations update can be done now.

Pulpcore 3.16:

  • @Odilhao mentioned 3.16 pr is almost ready to merge and required last round of review from @evgeni.