Release team meeting agenda 2022-01-26


  • 3.2(To Do)
    • The installer team was busy doing 3.1.1 module releases. Like to know how many module releases can be completed this week?
  • 3.1.1(To Do )
    • Waiting on installer modules and then we can proceed with tagging and release tasks.


Could I ask that you discuss the lack of information published about delayed releases?

There are several people out there waiting for the release of Katello 4.3. But as I get all my information from Discourse at the moment, it’s hard to know what is happening as I can’t find any information about what the delay might be.

Publishing information like this would be helpful to several of us out in the Community


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The short answer is that Katello 4.3 is blocked on Foreman 3.1.1. I was almost ready on the installer side but this morning we found another regression that affected Katello and custom certificates. On the installer side, this is what I’m currently working on:

I hope to get the release train rolling today.

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Sure - thanks. But my comment is more about putting some details out there when problems occur in the future. Like adding something to the Release Team Meeting Agenda. Just to keep us in the loop.


Release team meeting minutes 2022-01-26

Present: @ekohl (chair, minutes), @ezr-ondrej, @cintrix84

This time @ekohl kept notes just as he does for Infra SIG meetings.


Foreman 3.2

  • Debian 11 support was merged earlier this week.
  • This week module releases. Right now it’s unclear how much work is to be done due to 3.1.1, but still aiming to get it done this week.
  • Next week the stablization period starts. This means any big changes should go in this week.

See the TODO and branching process for progress.

Foreman 3.1.1

See the TODO and the release process for progress.


Katello 4.3

  • Katello 4.3.0 is still blocked on 3.1.1. Once that’s released, the release should go out. Follow the release process for progress.
  • At the same time, @cintrix84 will start with the 4.3.1 process.

Katello 4.4

@iballou s release manager, he’s not here today so no updates.

Other business

More open sharing

@ekohl wanted to discuss this today, but due to the low availability of people this hasn’t been discussed. Independently it was raised by @Duncan_Innes that it’s hard to follow for people not involved.

One possible problem is that one person is both leading the meeting and keeping the notes. This is hard to combine. For future meetings @ekohl recommends to split these roles. In the Infra SIG meetings this has worked well. Also putting more effort in creating the agenda ahead of time will help. This means all attendees should add items, not just the chair. The release team should discuss further.