Release team meeting agenda 2022-02-07


  • 3.2
    • Pending installer module releases.
    • According to the schedule, we have completed the stabilization week and still have a few days before branching. If all of the tasks required have been completed, we may be able to branch before the scheduled date of February 10th. This can allow us target RC1 this week.
  • 3.1
    • Release 3.1.2?


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Preesnt: @upadhyeammit (chair), @ekohl (notes), @Zhunting, @Justin_Sherrill, @iballou

Foreman 3.2.0

Foreman 3.1.2

  • Call for maintainers to nominate issues. Discussion on exact planning next Monday.

Katello 4.4.0

Other business

Proposal by @Justin_Sherrill: change the nightly pipeline to block on plugins

This was a fairly long discussion and @Justin_Sherrill will submit a separate RFC with more details. The problem description is roughly that the katello pipeline fails quite often while Foreman’s pipeline doesn’t. Partly this is because Katello has more tests so more can fail. In practice this means Foreman gets promoted while Katello doesn’t and the repositories get out of sync. Ideally speaking there wouldn’t be such a strong coupling between the two, but in practice there is. For example, the installer is built in the Foreman repository but includes code for Katello.

The proposal is to start gating Foreman’s pipeline on Katello.

Ewoud notes this creates a hard dependency on Katello to release, which could place a burden on non-Katello developers. The conclusion is that we agree these problems exist, but the solution is not so obvious. Justin will submit an RFC and move the discussion there.