Release team meeting agenda 2022-02-09

Foreman 3.2.0

Foreman 3.1.2

Foreman 3.0.2

Katello 4.4.0

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Foreman 3.2.0:

Foreman 3.1.2:

  • Nothing specific to say, but @upadhyeammit agreed to look through meeting notes on 3.1.2 to find out if there are any issues that need to be looked at.

Katello 4.4.0:

  • Initial config has been merged to tool belt. Issues on redmine have been moved, and @iballou is ready to branch.

Other Business:

  • @ekohl wanted to discuss a difference between the Foreman and Katello release process in regard to fixed in versions of issues in redmine. The PRprocessor as it stands looks for the the newest version made on redmine and fills in an issues fixed in version to that version. Because Katello generally precreates versions ahead we have issues that go to 4.5 but should be on 4.4.

  • @ekohl requested that we change the PRprocessor to not function as it currently does, and instead gets the correct fixed in version for these Katello issues so that foreman and Katello are more in line in release process

  • @iballou agreed to look into the older redmines that may have incorrect fixed in versions and helping with the change needed for the PRprocessor.

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I wasn’t entirely suggesting to change the prprocessor but rather make sure that what it does and how Katello uses versions in Redmine align.

This is a bit more verbose than what I said during the meeting, but the background is here.

Right now this is the code that determines the version to use:

This uses the following config:

The key bit is that it has a version prefix (Katello ) which is stripped off. Anything that’s non-empty and starts with a digit is considered a version. The highest version number is picked as “Fixed in version”.

Since a version 4.5.0 already exists today, it sets the Fixed in version to that whenever something is merged. Even though Katello’s git master is currently 4.4.0(-pre). The result is a list of issues with an incorrect Fixed in version.

If Katello instead created a version Katello Next (or Katello Future), it wouldn’t be considered by the prprocessor and Fixed in version would be correct. This in turn allows creating a Katello 4.4 TODO that’s correct.

It does mean that on branching the Katello Next version should be renamed to Katello 4.5.0 and a new Katello Next should be created.

For Foreman there’s less planning so there is no concept of a Next. However, this whole story is the reason why these steps in Foreman’s branching process are last:

Addendum: this was actually a simplification. There is an additional part when it comes to stable branches. The config version prefix gets an additional version bit attached:

For Foreman when a PR is merged into 3.0-stable, it looks for Foreman 3.0. as a prefix. This means it can select Foreman 3.0.2 on cherry pick merging. Katello uses KATELLO-x.y for stable branches. If desired, the prprocessor can be taught to also set the right Fixed in version on cherry pick PRs.

I should really wrap this up and add it to prprocessor’s README.