Release team meeting agenda 2022-02-21

Foreman Nightly

Foreman 3.2.0

Foreman 3.1.2

Foreman 3.0.2

Katello 4.4.0


Chair: @ekohl, Notes: @upadhyeammit, Attendees: @iballou, @evgeni, @Zhunting, @Odilhao


Nightly Status:

  • Nightly builds are broken because of repoclosure errors and Fedora 29 is not removed yet.
  • Package release pipelines should be green after branching, maybe we need to have extra step in ‘Release engineer’ section to confirm and fix it if required?
  • The Luna pipeline is failing with same issue of ansible-runner and openscap dependencies. Once these issues will be fixed Luna should be working again.


  • The branching has deprecation removal step which is still pending, @upadhyeammit agreed to check for it and create pull request as per the status.
  • The release notes section of the Foreman RC and GA release process needs clean up as there are steps which aren’t required anymore.
  • Some documentation stuff still require updates, like headline features.
  • @ekohl closed the 3.2.1 version until 3.2.0 is GA; this is to avoid script updating the fixed in version to 3.2.1. The release process should remove the steps to add next minor version in RC phase and it should be done once we deliver the GA.
  • RC1 was delayed by few days, we can follow the schedule unless something requires us to delay the release.
  • @evgeni The fix to trigger dynflow restart when DB restarts should be picked in 3.2-stable.



  • Release requires easy cherry picks, @ekohl agreed to do that and we planned to go for release on 23rd of February.



  • The branching process has one pending item about updating api documentation. The Foreman apidocs are on ; maybe Katello docs can be hosted there as well. This isn’t blocker for the RC release.

Katello Misc:


@maximilian also raised this in a separate issue:

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