Release team meeting agenda - 2022-03-14



Meeting notes

3.2 GA:

  • Foreman_host plugin: Debian packages not building. @upadhyeammit is wondering if we can get this in before GA tomorrow. @ekohl says this should be fixed now Do we want to wait to release the host_plugin for 3.2.1? - @upadhyeammit will followup with @lzap.

  • Modularity: @upadhyeammit are still going to use the work around for modularity, @ekohl wanted to discuss with evgeni how far they would take modularity with this release. It doesn’t look like the full fix will be in this release, but @ekohl is moving forward with the foreman documentation PR[1]. This is not a full solution for the modularity problem, but is part of the fix in the long run.

  • Unusal foreman version number: was an issue because the nightly repos were still connected to foreman 3.2 for a night, but it shouldn’t be an issue anymore now that nightly releasers are not configured for 3.2 anymore.

[1] Use modularity on EL8 by ekohl · Pull Request #1111 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub

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