Release team meeting agenda 2022-09-28

I forgot to make an agenda, so here are just the notes:

Attendees: @ekohl (chair/notes), @sajha, @iballou

Foreman 3.5

Half way point of the development cycle was last Friday. Stablization starts on October 31st with branching following the week after.

Foreman 3.4

@ekohl will look if we need to do a 3.4.1 release. Will update on the next meeting.

Foreman 3.3

Last week it was planned to release 3.3.1 this week. The cherry pick PR is open, not merged yet.

We might want to wait for CentOS CI changes since right now pipelines are a bit unstable. @evgeni is working on it.

Katello 4.6

Katello 4.6.0 went GA: Katello 4.6.0 is now available

Katello 4.5

A fair number of fixes have lined up and a new release should be made. Started Katello 4.5.1 release process.

Katello 4.4

A 4.4.2 release is being prepared (Katello 4.4.2 release process). Normally 4.4 would be considered EOL, but all the work was already done because 4.6 was a bit late.

General notes

@upadhyeammit is leaving the project so @ekohl will take over his responsibilities. Currently @ekohl is looking at the process to see if changes can be made. One of the examples is merging the Release Owner and Release Engineer roles. Once it’s more concrete a post summarizing the proposal(s) will be made.