Release team meeting agenda 2022-10-05


CentOS CI migration has been completed. See the Discourse post for more information:

Foreman 3.5

Reminder that installer module releases start on October 24th and stabilization week starts on October 31st. Branching and RC1 is scheduled to happen the week after.

Foreman 3.4

From the Foreman 3.4.1 TODO:

See resolved issues.

@ekohl will create a release procedure scheduled for early next week. Mostly to address the Debian upgrade issue.

Foreman 3.3

See resolved issues

From the Foreman 3.3.1 TODO:

Refs #35227 - Make /pub browseable again by ekohl · Pull Request #812 · theforeman/foreman-installer · GitHub is open to address it.

@ekohl will create a release procedure scheduled for today.

Katello 4.7

The Katello team will find a release manager soon.
Note it follows Foreman 3.5’s branching schedule.

Katello 4.6:

4.6.1 not planned yet. Roadmap for 4.6.1:

Katello 4.5

Katello 4.5.1 is release is in progress:

Katello 4.4

Katello 4.4.2 release is in progress:

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