Release team meeting notes 2022-09-07

Attendees: @upadhyeammit (Chair/Notes), @sajha , @ekohl



  • There are two issues in Redmine, one has the pull request in draft mode and another one is yet to have the pull request. Both of these are not blockers and will be moved to next version.
  • There is pull request raised against 3.4-stable and it looks good to merge before GA, correct me if that’s not the case @aruzicka
  • There are no module releases required before GA.
  • Considering this we are all set to for GA on time!


  • There are handful of cherry picks in 3.3-stable branch and couple of pending to merge, #9404, #9412. With this there should be some more to pick from Needs cherrypick list. Taking this into account, we can plan 3.3.1 within a week or two.



  • The Katello 4.6 is also ready for the GA, mostly GA is planned for next week.