Release Teem Meeting 2023-11-15

The agenda for today’s meeting.

Foreman 3.9

Schedule | 3.9.0 TODO | CI overview

Foreman 3.8

Schedule | 3.8.0 TODO | CI overview

Foreman 3.7

3.7.1 TODO | 3.7.1 DONE | CI overview

Katello 4.11

Katello 4.10

Katello 4.9

Present: @pcreech (chair), @ekohl (notes), @Griffin-Sullivan, @Zhunting, @iballou, @cintrix84

The primary discussion was around Foreman 3.9 & Katello 4.11 branching. Foreman 3.9 branching process is being followed. Most steps have been taken, until the tool_belt ones. That won’t be needed after is merged. @ekohl is reviewing that.

@Griffin-Sullivan is blocked on extracting translations. It probably needs some special Ruby handing. does describe how to set up a developer environment, but More explicit dev setup instructions by ekohl · Pull Request #9906 · theforeman/foreman · GitHub should make this better. Reach out to @ekohl if further help is needed.

@ekohl didn’t have time to enhance the instructions on translations for plugin authors. In the short term he’ll submit a bulk update.

@Griffin-Sullivan is working on updating the manual while @ekohl is wrapping up the last installer module releases.

The last big topic was Pulp 3.39. We’re technically in the stabilization week and it’s not completed yet. Current status:

On a related note, needs to be updated to reflect the new structure where rpm/develop is used to build the latest version and then branches off stable versions. That also uses COPR instead of Koji. @Odilhao should review what’s needed.

Just a quick mention, since it wasn’t firmly and explicitly agreed upon, but we are hoping to have a call about delaying the branching tomorrow, Thursday November 16th, by lunchtime EST (about 17:00 UTC)

We should know enough about the current state of pulp rpm bits by that time to gauge how tight things will be and if we want to allocate more time.

We are officially going to consider branching is “delayed”. We are still working to maintain as close to the schedule as possible, but we currently still consider the python3.11/pulp3.39 work important enough to get in for this release.