Request for Pulpcore 3.39 builds

Here are the requested versions:

    "deb": "3.0.0",
    "rpm": "3.23.0",
    "core": "3.39.2",
    "file": "1.15.1",
    "ostree": "2.1.3",
    "python": "3.10.0",
    "ansible": "0.20.2",
    "certguard": "1.7.1",
    "container": "2.16.2"

pulp-cli could also be updated to whatever is latest.

Bugs that will need backports into Pulpcore 3.39 before Katello consumes it:

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Here’s the new gemspec as it exists in the draft Katello upgrade PR:

  gem.add_dependency "pulpcore_client", ">= 3.39.0", "< 3.40.0"
  gem.add_dependency "pulp_file_client", ">= 1.15.0", "< 1.16.0"
  gem.add_dependency "pulp_ansible_client", ">= 0.20.0", "< 0.21.0"
  gem.add_dependency "pulp_container_client", ">= 2.16.0", "< 2.17.0"
  gem.add_dependency "pulp_deb_client", ">= 3.0.0", "< 3.1.0"
  gem.add_dependency "pulp_rpm_client", ">= 3.23.0", "< 3.24.0"
  gem.add_dependency "pulp_certguard_client", "< 2.0.0"
  gem.add_dependency "pulp_python_client", ">= 3.10.0", "< 3.11.0"
  gem.add_dependency "pulp_ostree_client", ">= 2.1.0", "< 2.2.0"

app entrypoint no longer supports --max-requests-jitter

This was just released to 3.39.2.

We’ll want Pulpcore 3.39.3 eventually because of Fix file:// syncs deleting the original files by dralley · Pull Request #4684 · pulp/pulpcore · GitHub

I’m not seeing 3.39.3 in the release logs on github, we have the PR created to build 3.39.2 Update python-pulpcore to 3.39.2 by Odilhao · Pull Request #744 · theforeman/pulpcore-packaging · GitHub, we can release 3.39.3 later this week.

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Here is the list of related pull requests to allow Katello to use the Pulpcore 3.39 packages once they’re out:


I created a docs PR to remove the module stream requirement: Remove references to Pulpcore module stream for Pulpcore 3.39 by ianballou · Pull Request #2597 · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub

I’m also removing the module stream requirement from forklift in the forklift PR mentioned above.

We finally have the rpms branched for 3.39 Index of /pulpcore/3.39

Please let me or @pcreech know.

There were some obsoletes that were missing, mainly from the non-python packages providing python extensions.

@iballou Once the new repo is ready, what do you do to check if the current Katello main branch will run against this Pulp version? Just curious, and now seems like a good chance to find out.

@quba42 the first thing I do is rerecord the VCR tests for the Pulpcore tests – so:

mode=all bundle exec rake test:katello:test:pulpcore

If that is successful, I move on to doing basic tests for all content types.

Then, I test that the Katello server can still talk to smart proxies from two versions back even with the newer Pulp Ruby bindings.

After that, I leave the newest Pulpcore on my development machine so I can test it with everyday work.

Everything was merged. The pipeline is now failing:

pipeline is now green again: katello-nightly-rpm-pipeline #1844 [Jenkins]