Remote Execution broken in nightlies


a new feature of template inputs was merged in core to develop branch. Since it was based on REX inputs, a lot of code from REX was brought to core. That means we need to update REX and remove the code from there. This is currently WIP [1]. If you have REX plugin in your setup, when you start a Foreman, you’ll see an error with duplicated number of migrations, until this is done.

In a meantime, you can either disable the plugin or help testing the PR [1] which should fix it. At least Foreman will start with it applies.



The fix has been merged, new remote_execution plugin 1.6.4 is released. Packaging is in progress, currently blocked by packaging issues of core. It should hit nightlies repo soon. For dev setups, just pull latest master of the plugin.


I’ve released new bootdisk which was supposed to fix nightlies, is this related?

No, you’re off the hook :slight_smile: