Remote provisioning bare metal without pxe

Problem: We have a large number of EOL ubuntu devices at remote customer sites on 3rd party networks. Sites are low bandwidth, we have no control over remote networks. Devices are not physically accessible.

Expected outcome: Given our limitations does Foreman have the capability to re-provision our devices without a boot disk or pxe?

Other relevant data:
We cant use PXE as we dont manage the customer networks. We do however have direct connectivity to are devices. Devices are geographically dispersed and its not practically to manual boot them using a usb boot disk. We have full root control over are deployed devices.


generally there are these options:

  • bootdisk or pxe-less discovery - required on-site presence (or remote console access to attach an ISO)
  • network booting
    • PXE (DHCP + TFTP required)
    • iPXE chainload (DHCP + TFTP + HTTP)
    • HTTP UEFI Boot (DHCP + HTTP + UEFI 2.4 or higher)
    • pure iPXE (DHCP + HTTP) - only for VMs