RemoteAdmin 0.6 Release almost ready -- Foreman Mobile App


I have a few final touches to apply on Remote Admin 0.6 before releasing. If you have an iOS device please register it at testflight (IOS users sign up here for app distribution). Additional information can be found here at the Remote Admin app website.

Whats Remote Admin you ask?

RemoteAdmin is a mobile and desktop app that provides a interface into Puppet and Foreman via their REST APIs. RemoteAdmin is aimed to give you the power to control the datacenter via your mobile phone. Not only can you apply puppet modules but also get insight into how your puppet environment is performing. In future releases, you will be able to control the server's power and start/stop services that might be hung. The goal of this app is to control a datacenter without using ssh.

Remote Admin will be available in the android market when released and hopefully itunes store when accepted by Apple.

More info at:

Corey Osman
678-348-0582 (Pacific Time)

Green IT and Datacenter Automation Specialist