Remove hosts from SCAP scans

Gents, I’ve configured host groups to perform Compliance scans via foreman SCAP puppet module - as is stated in manual. Everything works great! But now I would like exclude / remove some hosts from these scans. Tried to remove them from Scans host group, moving them to another one without puppet module, leaving groups empty, but no joy. Scans are still running. I’ve no ssh access to some boxes now so possible solution must be triggered by Foreman/Katello

Expected outcome:
Stop Automatic OpenScap scans.
For now I have workaround - created another host group with Monthly scans schedule

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Distribution and version:
Centos 7.7

Do you have remote execution plugin available? If not, do you have puppet/ansible available? I suppose at least one of the above can be used. You need to remove /etc/cron.d/foreman_scap_client_cron in order to stop running scans on a host you removed from the SCAP host group.

Hey Marek.
I don’t. But I’ll ask local admin to remove the file.
Thank you!!!