Remove iso from foreman_isos

I using:

Fully Automated Provisioning

On VMWare compute resources it is possible to create a new host with a cd-drive preconfigured and have a per-host image attached before first boot. This allows a fully automated provisioning of hosts via ISO boot. This feature can be used by selecting the Bootdisk Based provisioning method under the OS tab when creating the host, or by setting provision_method: “bootdisk” using the API. Foreman will create an ISO image as part of the orchestration. This image is then uploaded to a VMWare datastore and attached to the VM. The user you configured during compute resource setup needs the permissions Datastore > Browse Datastore and Datastore > Low level file operations.

and it’s working. But i have question i want to remove this iso image from folder foreman_isos in vcetner after provisioning machines.

Is possible?

As far as I remember correctly the removal should automatically be done, but a bug is preventing this from happening. The bug is that the ISO does not get ejected from the VM after installation, so it can not be disconnected and not removed.