Removing autocomplete from settings search

Recently, settings search had been showing “error 500” for name and description search. The issue was addressed in this PR
Upon review it was suggested that this fix could be an overkill for just adding autocomplete in setting search and an alternative could be turning off suggestions completely, and not showing name and description in the form at all
The only thing users could do would be to enter value into the search form, and that’s it.
The search would then be equal to the name ~ $VALUE OR description ~ $VALUE.

Today I would love to get your vote on this issue autocomplete feature

  • Autocomplete stays, we fix and simplify the PR
  • Remove autocmplete feature
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Thank you!

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If I vote for “Remove autocomplete feature” that means I’m just entering the value as you describe? Or it means I won’t be able to search at all?

You would be able to search, just that you wouldn’t get the suggestions based on your search in the dropdown

I was under the impressions the goal of the PR was to re-enable searching by the description. For that, I believe the fuzzy operator is enough, e.g. description ~ login. For such operator, autocompletion is useless. Autocompletion though should stay for other attributes, namely the name. E.g. name = should show the list of options.

The current version of the PR imho tries too modify too much, it should focus just on searching on the description field, not touching any other logic.

Adding a bit more info after quick sync with @girijaasoni, one thing that wasn’t clear to me from the description was that the searching based on name is currently also broken and it only searches in settings that have some value stored in the DB (changed settings). The PR is aiming to fix this too.