Removing Unmaintained/incompatible plugins from nightly repos

The following plugins fail to build against the current nightly:

If they don’t receive fixes I’m proposing remove them from nightly so we don’t branch broken plugins into 1.18.

Another plugin that does build but I’d like to retire is foreman_snapshot. @Gwmngilfen has indicated he has no problems with this.

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It would be a shame to lose foreman_chef - @Marek_Hulan is it very badly broken?

it’s not that bad, I’ll try to find some time next week to restore the compatibility, is there a deadline for removal?

If we’re looking for new maintainers, I’d be happy to help promote that…

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I’d love to see ABRT not to die, but I have no time available. Please promote.

I don’t have an exact deadline since I don’t know when the packaging branching is planned. I think that’s supposed to be “soon”. Note that since it’s all plugins, they can be reintroduced async from the release.

Finding more maintainers is always a good thing though.

Would be happy to lend any help, resources I can towards the chef and salt plugins.


Thank! If you have time, there are things that would help:

  • confirming / reproducing bugs on the plugin Redmine projects
  • reviewing and / or testing Pull Requests to those plugins
  • writing fixes for bugs and / or plugin docs as Pull Requests

These are roughly least-to-most difficult, but it depends on your skill set :wink:

On mobile right now, can get links for the above or anything else you need to get started later on.

Chef has been updated a while back but for abrt and azure nobody has stepped up so I’ve created. Unless they are revived they will not be part of 1.19.