Rename foreman_docker git repository to foreman_docker


This is going to seem like a perhaps silly request but it has the ability to make some things easier. Currently the foreman_docker git repository is named foreman-docker with a hyphen. The gem itself is named foreman_docker which provides a disjoint. When trying to automate and generalize this discrepancy causes special branches to exist in code for this single case. For example, if you attempt to spin up a dev environment with Forklift and specify foreman_docker as a plugin, you will get bundle install errors because the directory it checks out to ‘foreman-docker’ does not match the :name parameter [1] and thus it cannot find the gemspec. You might ask, the name parameter is not required why not drop it and let bundler find the gemspec for us! That would be great except that multiple projects (foreman_ansible, foreman_remote_execution, foreman-tasks) follow a design of having multiple gemspecs in their top level directory because multiple gems are generated from a single git repository.

Thoughts? I’d really love to avoid specializing generalized code and this change would bring the git repository in line with the gem name providing parity.



I hit that yesterday and would be definitely +1

I definitely agree too, however I don’t have admin privileges on any repository. If I’m not wrong only @ehelms @ohadlevy @Gwmngilfen can do it. I remember I used to have admin access on this project which I used to add hooks, but it looks like it was removed?

The Docker team should now have Admin on the repository. I’m not sure why it originally was set to write but it makes sense to me that the maintainers of the repository should have more control over the working of the repository other than simply push.

Thanks - the project has been renamed already :smile:

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Thank you thank you thank you. Its the little things :slight_smile:

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