Replacing broken network interfaces unable to keep the system integrity via foreman

Network card broken which is used by the nodes primary interface in foreman.
Network card has been replaced by a datacenter network engineer to keep in production.
Puppet updates foreman
Foreman lists the nodes new interfaces and the old interfaces using both the same identifier
i think this totally confuses foreman.
Can not move to the new p1p1 as the proper primary interface, and update old dhcp allocation (static assignment on host) for the old primary interface mac address with the new one.

For now I disable managing of the host. get rid of the old record

Expected outcome:
I think foreman should not allowance of automatic updating of new interfaces using the same identifier because afterwards the host object seems to become sort of destroyed.
if it doesn’t do this, because i understand just replacing the card would be sort of a function on it self.
but if it doesn’t does this addition, you can more easily change it yourself in the case of a broken network card.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Other relevant data:
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could you describe the error/problem you are running into a bit more? The part about what is going wrong on the Foreman side is kinda vague. Some error messages, output of production.log/proxy.log and a more detailed explanation of the actual problem would be usefull.


Hi Areyus,

Thanks for replying, yeah I still have some hosts in such state will try to
compile the information and be more complete in the steps.