Report Templates: How to get installable errata list?

We want to generate a report over all our hosts with a list (or a count) of all installable errata with their severity.
Example dummy code of what we are trying to achive:

all_hosts(optional_filter) |host| {

I know there is a per-host API endpoint for this, but querying every host takes a lot of time and computing resources for 2000+ hosts.
If there is an API endpoint for this we missed, or some comprehensive documentation for the report template makros/functions available we did not find, I would also be happy with that :wink:


I’m not sure if this is helpful but just wanted to let you know that we recently migrated this:

This appendix is also relevant:

Hi @mcorr

thanks, I was not aware the new docs already had a section about templates :slight_smile:
This definetly helps, but unfortuanately I was still unable to find a way of listing all installable errata per host there. From looking at the community and default templates, I know there are a lot functions/macros available that I could not find documented anywhere, like the “host_applicable_errata_filtered” function from the “Host - Applicable errata” report. I am looking for a simmilar function, but for installable errata. If there is nothing out there regarding these, I will probably end up just try-and-erroring function names until I find something or give up.

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we’re building the live documentation for all available macros. Looking at the code, right now, there’s only applicable errata macro available, installable is not enabled in the safe mode. However if you disable the safe mode, you can access any method of any object. Just beware, this can be dangerous and should only be used, if you know what you’re doing.


Hi Marek,

thanks for the input. If I remember correctly, there is no easy way from a user side to add/enable methods, macros, etc for usage while keeping safe mode on?
From what I understand, there is a macro for installable errata, that is just not available in safe mode. Would you be so kind to share the name of that macro? I assume it is host_installable_errata_filered or something alike, but knowing for sure is better than guessing :wink:

Hi Areyus,
Did you ever get a response? I am having the same issue and so far can’t find any information.

No, until now I have no new insights on this toppic.
Sorry to disappoint you :frowning: