Request access to gpg.git for packaging


I’d like to request access to our infra related to singing for packaging related to 1.24.


clarification: this means giving @Zhunting SSH access to our machines, especially the puppetmaster.

In addition I’d ask for permissions to access

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That’s what @evgeni meant with SSH access to our machines. We haven’t had the need to split this up into separate permissions. Especially since access to the puppetmaster already implies full access anyway.

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And given Zach already has commit access to foreman-infra, he already has the permissions anyways. Just indirectly.

Since @Zhunting will be handling the packaging side of 1.24 release, lets give him the permissions needed to do so properly.

+1 to this, I’ve kinda forgotten how to add a new user so will need another infra member to do so

thanks @mmoll for taking care of this!