Request for deep dive: javascript and webpack in foreman/katello

Hello all,

Many developers would like to start working on the newer javascript pages, but don’t know where to start. Even getting a development server with webpack running can be difficult as I mention here. I know we want to share the UI work amongst the different teams, this will be easier if devs to have a better understanding of our current JS stack.

I think it would be helpful if someone could share the knowledge of the newer modern javascript technologies in our stack and how they all fit together. Could we do a deep dive on this?

Here are some of my suggested topics.

  • What is webpack?
  • What is node?
  • What is npm and how do packages fit into our development?
  • How do we use these technologies in our stack?
  • What are my different options for starting a dev server?
  • How does auto-reloading work and when should I use?
  • What ports do these technologies use and how should I configure my environment to handle these ports?
  • How is JS code managed for production releases?
  • How does the new React code fit in our existing ERB/angular code?

This is just off the top of my head, feel free to comment with any questions you have around the JS use in the foreman ecosystem.

I am not knowledgeable enough to do a deep dive on this topic completely on my own but would be happy to collaborate with someone on this, please reach out if you would like to do so.


The UX team has plans to do this sort of thing in the future we just need
to distance ourselves enough from feature work in order to have the
capacity to do so. I’m hopeful that in a few weeks we can address some of
these questions in a deep dive format. We also had an idea of having a
“hackathon” (hate that word) where we spend a day working on a smallish
feature together to get more hands-on experience. The dissemination of
react/redux/webpack/etc. knowledge is coming I promise :slight_smile:

Thanks for requesting this and for listing out questions that we can use as
a jumping off point.

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