Request for pulpcore 3.13 builds

I’d like to request from the build team, pulpcore 3.13 builds with the following packages:

pulpcore 3.13.0
pulp-container 2.6.0
pulp-rpm 3.12.0
pulp-ansible 0.8.0
pulp-file 1.7.0
pulp-certguard 1.3.0
pulp-deb 2.13.0

These should be the latest versions at the time of this writing. If we could get this in the next 2 weeks, that be very helpful.


Our todo list:

Prepare the build environment

Create/update packages in pulpcore-packaging

  • Run the container:
    This will place the results in a newly created directory ./packaging.
  • Inspect the generated RPM specs, adjust them if needed
  • Open a PR with the changes

Update python-pulp_2to3_migration

The python-pulp_2to3_migration package is named differently due to a tito bug (the PyPI name uses dashes, not underscores). Due to this, the regular process of updating it cannot be used.

  • Have a regular pulpcore-packaging clone
  • Run obal update python-pulp_2to3_migration --version X.Y.Z
  • As obal does not update dependencies, verify those are in sync with

Update to a new pulpcore release

  • Create a new rpm/3.13 branch in pulpcore-packaging by using the previous release branch as a base: git checkout -b rpm/3.13 rpm/3.12
  • Set that branch as the new default branch in GitHub
  • Update package_manifest.yaml, rel-eng/releasers.conf, rel-eng/tito.props, repoclosure/yum.conf, automation/ to use the new 3.13 release (a simple sed -i 's/3\.12/3.13/g' … is usually sufficient)
  • Update automation/requirements.txt to the new required versions
  • Run normal “create/update” procedure above

Signing packages

Any change to packaging requires signing, as otherwise the repo can’t be published.

notes: toolbelt and jenkins is missing from the procedur

For clarity, I’ve moved this over to the releases section.

3.13 is now available on the CDN

Thanks @Odilhao for reviews!

still todo: update 2to3 plugin (unreleased for 3.13 yet) and python client bits

(both done, just to keep this uptodate)