Request for Pulpcore 3.22 builds

I’d like to request that Pulpcore 3.22 get built so we can pull it into Katello 4.8.

The timeline is slightly short due to the holiday bread. Katello 4.8 is scheduled to branch in about a month. We devs would need at least a week to run all of our tests against Pulpcore 3.22 (which can happen in parallel with a pip installation.

So, the versions:

Pulpcore 3.22.latest
Pulp-rpm 3.18.latest
Pulp-container 2.14.latest
Pulp-ansible 0.16.latest
Pulp-file 1.11.latest
Pulp-python 3.8.latest
Pulp-deb 2.20.latest
Pulp-ostree 2.0.latest
Pulp-certguard 1.5.latest


Ack, I’ll start to work on it next week.


This sounds like something that is a headline feature (foreman-documentation/katello.adoc at master · theforeman/foreman-documentation · GitHub)

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I just wanted to check in to see how the Pulpcore 3.22 builds are going. We’ll probably need to start integrating some time next week to make it in time for branching.

pulp-rpm 3.19 was just released. Would it be possible to get it into the Pulpcore 3.22 builds without adding extra pain?